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Fund Manager Research

Regular fund manager interviews and face to face meetings form part of bespoke research process enabling clients with institutional capital create portfolios to suit their needs.

Product Manufacture

Locus can be your consulting partner in helping to create specific products. This could be a fund of hedge funds, an investible commodity index, or to search out investments to form part of an income generating portfolio for example.

Finance, Treasury, and Investment

Locus can help in the funding, acquisition, or sale, of asset based businesses such as commercial property, offices, and hotels and can also help arrange competitive foreign exchange rates if required.

We also have access to unusual or low profile 'pre-money' investment opportunities.

Expert Witness

Stephen Brawn, Principal, can act as expert witness in the application, pricing, and use of derivative products in both asset and liability management. He also can support the dispute resolution process for clients in the suitability of hedge funds and the conduct of their respective fund managers.

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